Policy Development and Review Policy

Approved By Date
Board of Trustees 10-11-2018
Executive Leadership Team 09-04-2018
ICORE 08-29-2018

Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility for adopting policy as may be required in the judgment of the Trustees for the effective discharge of the Board of Trustees’ duties and the effective operation of the College.  It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to comply with relevant state and federal laws, rules, and regulations at all times.  Any policy found to be in conflict with a state or federal law, rule, or regulation shall be null and void to the extent of the conflict. The Board of Trustees will collectively formulate policy. The President and the College employees are responsible for developing and administering procedures to implement policy.

Policy Development and Review Procedures

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 04-25-2022
ICORE 04-11-2022

A policy is defined as a standard, statement, or plan of action of general applicability, originating with the Board of Trustees or recommended by College employees and adopted by the Board of Trustees pursuant to delegated authority.  A procedure or rule (college or departmental level) is a statement of actions or operating practices adopted by College employees to address specific subject matters that are limited in scope to functional operations.  A procedure or rule may supplement but not conflict with policy.  Policies shall be subject to regular and continuous review for relevance, clarity, currency, and appropriateness.

  1. The Board of Trustees may at any time create, adopt, or revise College policy pursuant to their delegated authority. Recommendations for policy adoption or revision will be referred to the Policy and Personnel (P&P) Committee, and the full Board of Trustees.

  2. In addition, any College group, staff, or faculty member may submit recommendations for new or revised Board policy/procedure. Requests for new policy or for revisions to existing policy should be submitted to the area Associate Vice President or Vice President who will evaluate the request and, if warranted, take it forward for evaluation and approval. The requests shall be provided in writing using the College approved template for Policy/Procedure or College Rule as applicable.

  3. The approval steps for college level Board policy/procedures, if arising from College personnel recommendations, include the Institutional Core Team (ICore), the Executive Leadership Team, the P&P Committee, and the full Board of Trustees. Revisions to just the procedures section will not warrant re-approval by the PP&P Committee or the full Board of Trustees.

  4. ICore team members shall be:

    • SACSCOC Institutional Accreditation Liaison

    • Faculty Senate President or designee

    • Staff Council Chair or designee

    • Chief Technical Officer

    • Associate Vice President, Administrative and Fiscal Services

    • Associate Vice Presidents of the Schools

    • Coordinator, Instruction

    • Executive Director, College Accountability

    • Executive Director, Marketing and Outreach

    • Director, Counseling and Special Services

    • Director, Economic and Workforce Development

    • Director, Human Resources

    • Director, Institutional Effectiveness

    • Director, Library Services

    • Director, Security

    • Director, Strategy & Performance

    • Dean, Advising

    • Dean, Center for Teaching and Learning

    • Dean, Enrollment Management

    • Dean, Financial Aid Management

    • Dean, Students

  5. The approval steps for department level policy/procedures and for College Rules include ICore and the Executive Leadership Team.

  6. Once fully approved, the Board policy/procedures will be posted on the Policies portal, and College Rules will be posted on the Rules portal. All College employees will be notified by email. Departmental policy/procedures will reside within the department and be dispersed to other parties as necessary.

  7. Compliance with all stated policies, procedures, and rules is mandatory.


Revision dates: 06/16/2016 (policy), 05/01/2016 (procedures), 09/04/2018 (procedures)


1B SBCCC 300.2 Authorization.

N.C. Gen. Stat. §115D-20(7) Powers and duties of trustees.

SACSCOC Standard 4.2.b Board/ administration distinction.