Career & College Promise Policy

Approved By Date
Board of Trustees 12-10-2020
Executive Leadership Team 10-26-2020
ICORE 10-21-2020


Stanly Community College believes that students currently enrolled in secondary education should have potential pathways to obtain college credits as they work to complete their secondary credential.  Pathways currently available at Stanly Community College for students interested in this goal include Stanly Early College, Stanly STEM Early College, and the Career and College Promise Program.  The Career and College Promise Program has replaced all other previously used programs for dual enrollment.

Career & College Promise Procedures

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 08-21-2023
ICORE 08-16-2023

The Career and College Promise offers three different methods for high school students to take college classes.

  1. Rising 9th graders can go through the application process for admittance to Stanly Early College/Stanly STEM Early College.  There is a strict deadline for filing an application to Early College and the application timeline is noted on the early college website. If admitted to Early College as a rising 9th grader, the student will be exposed to not only the high school curriculum but also to college curriculum of one of Stanly Community College’s associate degree programs.
  2. Qualified junior and senior high school students may take college classes to complete a 30+ hour College Transfer Pathway.  The College Transfer Pathway consists of courses transferable to institutions within the UNC System Institutions and many of NC's Independent Colleges and Universities.
  3. Qualified junior and senior high school students can take college classes in a career and technical pathway that may lead to a credential, certificate, or diploma.
  4. Qualified freshmen and sophomore high school students may take college classes in Engineering Technologies (40xxx_), Industrial Technologies (50xxx_), Agriculture and Natural Resources (15xxx), Transportation (60xxx), Construction (35xxx), and Business (25xxx).  These courses may lead to a career and technical credential, certificate, or diploma.

To participate in the Career and College Promise program:

  • Stanly County High Schools – contact the school’s guidance counselor to determine eligibility
  • Homeschools and Private High Schools – contact SCC’s Director of Dual Enrollment at 704-982-0121.

Additionally, faculty should be aware that dually enrolled students (CCP and Early College) may be impacted differently by withdrawals.  Instructors should contact the Director of Dual Enrollment prior to issuing a W for dually enrolled students.

Revisions: 02/20/2014 (policy), 12/19/2013 (procedures)