Stanly Community College Volunteer Work Policy

Approved By Date
Board of Trustees 03-10-2011
Executive Leadership Team 12-31-1969
ICORE 12-31-1969

Recognizing that volunteers play an important role in supporting Stanly Community College, it is necessary to provide a means to accept volunteers and allow them to apply their efforts towards fulfilling the College mission in a safe and effective manner. 

Volunteers are not employees of the College and receive no compensation or employee benefits of any type in exchange for their services or work. Volunteers cannot replace employee positions or impair the employment of a SCC position. 

Stanly Community College Volunteer Work Procedures

Approved By Date
Executive Leadership Team 11-27-2023
ICORE 11-14-2023
  1. In compliance with NCGS 135-1, TSERS retirees may not serve as a volunteer within the first six months of retirement if the volunteer assignment may lead to employment. Such an assignment would put the individual’s retirement benefit at risk.
  2. Potential volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal background check and drug screening before their assignments begin.
  3. Volunteers will abide by all College policies and procedures and work at the pleasure of the institution, with no term of service expressed or implied.
  4. To be recognized as a volunteer, the Vice President of the respective area must formally approve an individual by filing a Release of Liability Form with HR.
  5. The supervisor of the volunteer is directly responsible for providing all necessary training and instructions for the assigned work. In the event of any accident or policy violation, the supervisor must immediately report all details to the HR Office.
  6. Volunteer assignments will not include any work that requires access to the college administrative computer system, employee/payroll records, or is not in compliance with federal or state student privacy laws.

Revised: ~03/10/2011, 11/30/2020 (procedures)